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Railway Works Most Highlights

Of the main railway works that CONELSAN has carried out, it is worth highlighting the following:

Treatment of the trench located between PP.KK. 192+600 and 193+700 in the municipality of Villanueva del Río y Minas (0.39 M s), improving the infrastructure and drainage system in that section (refining and profiling of slopes, ditches standing and in slope coronation, shins, etc.)

The main measurements of the work are given below:

Conditioning of slopes, drainage, roads and environmental performances of the high-speed line Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-Frontera Frances, in the stretch of Sant Juliá de Ramis to Figueres (3.11 M€).

It performed on the platform, improved the water outlet, improved and prolonged ditches, controlled drains on the rafts of localized spills and improved roads.

The main measurements are:

Villanueva del Río y Minas Trenchs

55.32 m horizontal shinca.

5,054.40 m2 of ditch refining.

4,850.00 m2 of refining and profiling of slopes.

500 m ditch.

Sant Julià de Ramis to Figueres Slope of the Stretchs

Contribution of 40,055 m2 of plant land.

3.085 m3 of concrete for ditches.

21.211 m3 of artificial ballast.

Caching of 10,342 m2 of stone.

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