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Wastewater Collector of the North I

Prision Center in Iruña de Oca (Alava)

The object of the works, carried out for the company SIEP (Sociedad Estatal de Infraestructuras y Equipamientos Penitenciarios, S.A.) and whose award amount was 1.38 million euros


The construction was the infrastructure necessary to drive the wastewater of the C.P. Norte I and Polígono Industrial San José to the new E.D.A.R. regional Iruña de Oca. To do this, it was necessary to execute various sections of PEAD collectors (1,785.64 m) and also reinforced concrete (684 m), with several targeted drills (391.42 m in total).


The necessary registration wells, stretches of auxiliary electrical pipelines (577 m) and an intermediate pumping station were built, with all the necessary facilities and equipment for their complete automatic operation.

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