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 Anti-Fuel Treatments

CONELSAN is a specialist in the realization of this type of flooring.  It is worth noting among the following works.


Renovation of Pavement at Track 33L-15R of A.S. Madrid-Barajas Airport (0.88 M s), in which the pavement of the flight runway was rehabilitated by the spread of bituminous grout type LB-4 (74,000 m2) and type LB-3 (233.440 m2).


Anti-fuel treatment in head of new runway at Malaga Airport (0.11 m s), in which the works have consisted of the extension of an anti-fuel treatment based on resins with mineral load on 18,500 m2 in the area of the head30 of the pee runway Malaga airport flight.



Adequacy of Runway at Jerez Airport (1.23 million euros), in which the surface rehabilitation of the flight runway was carried out by extending a bituminous grout type LB-3 (105,400 m2) and sealing-waterproofing in specific areas with type LB-4 (25,885 m2)

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