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Aeropuerto J. T. Barcelona El Prat

J. T. Barcelona-El Prat Airport is the second in Spain in passenger volume.

CONELSAN has executed several works of great importance in it. It stands out among all of the following:

In the year 2.017 he ran the Pavement Regeneration Track 07L-25R, which consisted of the removal of the obstacles in track strip and RESA's, the surface improvement of the track pavement, by regeneration of rolling layer or even intermediate layer, of the carrying capacity, the adequacy of R1 to fast exit street and beaconing performances.

Among the main activities carried out are the following:

Milling of 1,686.440 m2xcm.

Precision milling of 198.460 m2xcm.

Extended 53,840 t MBC.

48,282 m of swiddens.

394.369 m primary cable.

365,200 m secondary cable.

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