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Palma de Mallorca Airport:

South Airfield And Appeals Rebuilding B Y C 

Palma de Mallorca Airport occupies the third position in passenger volume of the AENA network.

CONELSAN has carried out several works of great importance in it, such as:

  • The Reconstruction of Appeals B and C (18.66 M) aimed to rebuild these Appeals and their inner road, due to the poor condition in which they were located. In addition, a new drainage network was executed, so hydrocarbon separator plants associated with it had to be installed.
    The main units executed are as follows:

  • Regeneration Southern Track (6.25 Million) aimed to solve the pavement problems presented by the 06R-24L track, the slope violations in Track and Track strip, the renovation of the track beacon and the SOUTH rolling between H10 and LINK, as well as the repositioning of the beacon, horizontal and vertical track signage complying with the regulations in force. The main units made are:

Appeals B y C


79,838 T of agglomerate.

63,690 m2 of concrete pavement.


4369 m of brushes.

Installation of 294 beacons and transfer of 6 signs.


14.518 m2 of horizontal signaling.


Installation of two separate hydrocarbons plants.

South Track Regeneration


39.488 T of asphalt agglomerate.


Installation of 1.000 beacons and 5 signs.


Execution of 13.914 m of swiddens.


6.550 m comb type channeling.

Laying 300.000 m (approx.) of cable.

11.692 m2 of horizontal signage

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