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Gran Canaria Airport Works 

Gran Canaria Airport is one of the airports with the largest influx of users.


CONELSAN has carried out several works in it of great relevance, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Firm reinforcements on the tracks 03R-21L and 03L-21R (10.51 M s and 3.35 M s respectively). In the mainly improved the carrying capacity of the two runways and several taxiways and fast exit streets. In addition, affected services such as beaconing, horizontal signalling, braking cable, etc. were replenished.

  • Actions on pavements of the platform (2.29 million euros), in which, due to the condition of the slabs, the deteriorated slabs were repaired. In the case of R-8 and R-9R streets, all the slabs that made up these streets were demolished and regenerated with flexible pavements. To do this, 6,985.38 m2 of existing slabs were demolished, extending 3,984.84 t of asphalt agglomerate and executing 7,200.00 m2 of concrete slabs. In addition, it proceeded to repair unhealthy slabs, replenishing the affected services (beaconing, irrigation network and horizontal signage).

Path Reinforcements
 03R-21L Y 03L-31R

Mezclas bituminosas: 151.878 t

Cable de frenado provisional

35.575 m de Canalizacion en Roza 

3000 m de Canalización Tipo Peine

14.860,91 m2 de Fresado

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