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Other Airport Works

CONELSAN has worked in most of the airports of Spain, either as a contractor or as technical assistance, which makes it a company of recognized prestige in the sector, having executed paving works of great importance (Pistas de Ibiza, Valladolid, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, etc., as well as aircraft platforms (Palma de Mallorca, Gran Canaria, etc.) in various airports.

In addition to the works indicated in the previous points, CONELSAN has executed other works of great relevance, for example:

Regrown runway from the airbase of Villanubla (Valladolid) (4.55 million euros), in which due to the deterioration state of the rolling layer was performed the regrowth of the runway (3,261x60 m), the adequacy of cross slopes of the first 7.5 m strip , replacement of beaconing and signalling.

Regeneration pavement t street at Tenerife South Airport (4.15 M s), in which the pavement adapted to traffic and current use was rebuilt, in the areas of the street between gates D-1 and D-2 and between gates D-4 and D-5.

 Villanubla Airport Regrown

Execution of 49,103 t of MBC, 399,488 m2 of asphalt irrigation.

45,960 m2 of geomesh.

16,814 m2 of horizontal signaling.

5.848 m cast iron grille.

12,192 m of friction for cables on pavements, 53,358 m of secondary cable.

installation of 829 pcs of recessed beacons and 195 pcs of high.

 Regeneration in T street in the Tenerife Sur Airport

Execution of 44,227 t of MBC, 212,890 m2 of asphalt irrigation.

Demolition of 11,275 m3 of asphalt pavement.

7,068 m3 granular firm demolition.

8,889 m3 of embankment, 3,957 m3 of ballast.

6155 m of friction for pavement cables and the installation of 161 pcs of recessed beacons and 23 raised edge.

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