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Beaconing Performances at

Malaga-Costa Del Sol Airport

In the work of Beacon Actions executed at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport (8.87 million euros) the adequacy of the pavement and margin areas was carried out, updating the geometry of various taxiways, the actions in visual aids (beaconing, new primary feeding circuits to RETIL lights, etc.), the removal or adequacy of obstacles, and the execution of a new helicopter taxiway connecting the R2 parking platform with the FATO located on runway 13-31.


Among the main actions to be carried out are the installation of 1,346 recessed lights, 343 reflective beacons, 6,293.25 m of tube bench of various types, extended from 24,255,18 t of MBC, 36,693.00 brushes on pavements, etc.

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